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The Long Sleep.

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The Long Sleep.

Magic was put in my cradle,

even before i could speak,

even before I could be(come),

fully aware that I exist.

I was magic,

and I was the cosmic kiddo,

and I travelled galaxies,

even before I could walk.

And the Norns stood by me,

and watched me wax and grow.

And the trees spoke to me,

and my "imaginary friends",

were far more real than half the people

I meet daily nowadays.

And even then, my fate was carved into the Sacred Tree,

and the Secrets were waiting for me…

To brave the waters life,

until I was ready to meet them.

The Ancient ones knew,

they picked the right


It is time we awaken.

I think we had just about enough :


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