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The madness and BEAUTY of LIFE

The madness and BEAUTY of LIFE

"Regardless of what we do, our karma has no hold on us." Boddhidharma

"When you are in your mind and you think about surviving, what you are thinking is actually thinking about your parents thinking". Kyle Cease


from the squats of Budapest to the farms in the Hungarian countryside.

And the benches in park and the Bench on which you realised it cannot go on, on your birthday after way too much speed.

And all the women in whom you sought ecstasy, Love and compassion, interchangeably and at the same time

and hoped they would give you that which has been desperately seeking you, and you did your best to avoid it.

It wad all good.

The curse, the entities, the not so benevolent ones and all the madness you have allowed to exist, to learn of the existence of things that dared not be dreamt in your professor’s philosophies.

You wanted LIFE and you asked for it, and IT CAME.

AND you wanted it ALL and you wanted it NOW.

And you would not settle for less.

And the plan has not changed.

You are here, for only a short time ,as a wise dandy said.

And you are certain to make the best of it and have a wild ride.

And you are just


to start.

Let's see what madness life has to throw at you next.

As long as you stay present and guard your heart;

nothing is real and everything is permitted.

Assassinate your delusions

and may the LIfe of Troth bring you


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