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The Stillness of the Heart

The Stillness of the Heart

for my Father

You stood with Christ,

and you sit with Buddha

and you are the man of letters.

And you wrote many books.

Not just theory.

Real life,

real stories,

real people.

And I know life has not been easy for you.

Not when you left the paradise of childhood,

which was not so easy to live in for a sensitive soul like you.

Nor later

when you had to make tough choices

in the Heartless Institution,

that refused to change...

With the times.

I know it was not easy to leave

everything you knew behind

so many times.

But you followed your heart,

and you listened to the whispering of your soul.

And you set an example

and a precedent

for me to follow.

You never preached,

though you could do it,

very well, I was told.

You lead by example.

And it took me a while

to understand what you have to say.

And I am slowly starting to understand,

about how adding one drop of water

to the scorching desert of human suffering,

as The Mother said,

can be more than enough

a task for one life.

I wanted to change the world

by the force of mind.

and the shout of justice.

But I needed to get through my own hell,

to realize

that not only the Wave:

But the drop IS the ocean.

May we both grow

in the deepening of this realization.

You are sitting still.

I am still on my journeys,


finding new facets of myself.

Until I come to place

when it is time to sit down

and melt into that on a little drop,...

That can, has, and will

in ways, none of us really understand,

save humanity in us

and us in


Thank you, Dad.


your Son


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