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The Storm II

The Storm II

You will learn

not to judge people.

After you have,

on some level



and been hunted by:

Every dark thing imaginable

And that which llies beyond

your deepest


You will learn to love people,

when you have



and lived in:

The deepest darkest pits,

without a drop of compassion,

for what seemed like

An infinity.

You will learn to trust people,

not because the will not betray you…

For as the Shaikh said:

even Jesus was betrayed for a bag of coins..

But because you will learn to trust


and the skill of sailing.

And as it was written on that note:

Calms seas have never made a good


Say you prayer to the one who wields the Trident,

out of respect

but then

Pray ceaselessly

And trust

whatever it is that got you


The Storm.

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