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The time of the modern Clans

The time of the modern Clans

We need tribes.

We need them more than ever.

What is being asked of us is impossible to achieve alone.

The time of the Lone Wolf is over.

Or better put, it is time for the wolves to become leaders, an offer themselves fully and completely

to the service of a greater whole.

(in some way shape of form)

Which is what they are ultimately here for.

It is the time of the tribes.

Despite the immaturity, despite the bickering, the conflicts and wars that may and often do erupt withing a group.

It is all part of learning.

And it is our job to, (to the best of our ability) own up our blind spots and act as mature humans.

It is what is being asked of us.

It is the time of tribes.

So: All hail the modern clans!

The free, yet tight knit woven tapestries of fully human and completely divine.

Tiny and yet bright little lights, illuminating the darkness of this world.

And may we all become the Good ancestor of our descendants.

By the help, grace, support of blessing of God and all the gods!


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