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The Walk(ing)

The Walk(ing)

“An unwise man thinks he'll live forever if only he can avoid a fight, but old age will give him no peace, even if weapons do.” ...

Poetic Edda

The truth is when you walk with the unseen,

the world seems a bit different than it normally "should"

When The Light beings are as close as the air you breathe

or the thought you think-

The world has a new radiance.

You are not better or worse than anyone.

It is both a blessing and a curse.

And depending on your humility and wisdom, it can bring great Gifts.

or harrowing curses to you.

At one point, you cease trying to explain, justify or even understand the Path you have taken.

And you just keep trusting it.

And see where it takes you, from one rock to another, one spring string to another, one branch to another.

You grow and wax and learn and jump:

Into the Unknown.

Those who have not heard the music will find you mad.

And you are ok with that.

You will make your way.

And a thousand little deaths will not deter you from walking it.

You make a toast of sorrow, joy, and ecstasy to the Hooded One.

and keep riding.


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