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The wearing of the Green

There are no magic powers.

Not really.

Just enlightened ones, who know, experientally, that "rules" of the world are easily bendable, when permitted,

and when it would serve to spread the dharma to as many people,

as needed and possible.

And yes, the dragons will not tolerate, what cannot be tolerated.

Just as and old wise elder, could not allow some things to pass, and would maker sure, if it is in his or her power,

that they don't.

The wizards, witches, the pure ones, the ancients shining lights, have never been and never will be

far off.

They are closer to you than your breath, and in the space where the in and the outbreath meet,

A place, where

anything is posssible and everything

is already there.

And for thosee sekking "proof"...

As a powerful tantric adept said once:

You must first become Shiva, so you can workship Shiva


Little one, learn to breathe properly,

and the rest

is merely

notes to the dead, who have not yet gathered the courage to come alive.

And as the great Master pointed out once :

Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and live (in) the Kingdom of the Father.

Untill you are one with your breath,

whatever you say

is mostly merely fancy words

that could, if you are not mindful, lead you


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