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Thunderer’s Path

Thunderer’s Path

Because I went to Iceland

and spoke to the elves,

and I crawled in the holes,

where they lived.

And it was real.

And I sat in cafes

and read the book on Sufism,

and i wondered what tasavuf

really meant.

And I sat on benches,

and eat expensive cheap hamburgers;

and they were good,

really good.

Like the cheapest coffee I could get,

that was still


And the magical staves,

I read from books I did not want to buy.

And they were real.

And all of it was real,

and all of it was a story.

And I was the story

and I was the story teller.

And at times I wondered

If I was really went there;

or was it all a dream:

as all of life is.

But the 100000 kKronas,

I could not exchange

anywhere in Europe,


that something

must have happened.

And I will be back.

And the Thunderer is surely


for me

to gather up the courage

to come




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