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Underworld journeys

Underworld journeys

Maybe we are going through the underworld.

And there are monster roaming around us.

Real and imagined

Inside and outside.

And we are scared shitless.

As any man (or woman) would be.

And we are right to be afraid.

For the mess we have created, would send chills even through the bones of our worthy ancestors.

And yet.

Despite all the apocalypse talk and Ragnarok chants..

It is still, as it has always been..

a Hero's journey.

At least for me.

Not much changed.

We (at least men) are still looking for adventures.

Fighting the good fight.

And if damsel is in distress, we do what is needed.

As keep walking through Tartarus...

Seeking magic swords of clarity,

maces of courage,

and shields of faith.

Not much has changed.

A human soul is still glowing.

Our hearts still sings with courage,

and if we can simply ALLOW.

There is magic, Beauty and Glory,

to be found in the adventure


See you on the other side heroes of old.

The plan has not changed.

Keep walking.

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