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What does it mean to be a bard?

What does it mean to be a bard?

It is not a degree.

Nor a qualification.

It is not even a job descroption.

It is giving (or attempting to) give birth to universes, birthing planets, creating vortexes by a single word.

It is wor(l)d birthing and uni and mult-verse exploration.

It is the speaking the words for those who cannot speak.

It is being the voiceless voice of the one roaring through the woods and whispering in the desert.

It is the wild Hunt and the bonfires.

It is the deep silence and a druid's gentle smile.

It is the grin of an invisible cat, the howl an ancient wolf totem, that never existed and is re-born every second.

It the space of silence between breaths and it is the birthing of the space from which breath comes from.

It is the healing by surgery in ful wakefulness, and it is the deep healing in hunting the dreams to save a life.

It is the shaman's cry.

It is the Volva's necklace.

It is the the speech of the High One.

And it is

whatever the moment requires.

If you want to be a bard,

become comfortable with madness,

become fammiliar with living not on the edge, but so far from it, thatthe word edge has no meaning anymore.

And package it all in a human life, in a human smile, in a human tear and be of service of ALL that you find


Still interested?

Listen to the whisper of the trees,

they have much

to tell...

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