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What we need

What we need

It's the power of the ancients,

and the annihilation

ff the ego.

So the Light,

can come through.

It is the courage of


of old.

And the grace

of the maidens of peace,

and the Valykries.

Whenever that

is needed.

It is the war and the peace.

And the wit of the Russian writers,

who were more spiritual

Than half of the current catholic priesthood.

It's the smile of the working man.,

Who has achieved zen like demeanour,

as he is faced with the modern capitalist


It is the gusto of the young ones,

who know :

That there is no planet


Or C, or H for that matter.

And the abundance of the oceans,

of Power

of which the Golden speaks.

And much more

Is needed and required.

But above all :

The gentle, silent awareness, that

it is all,

within us.

Restlessly waiting

to be :



and manifested…

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