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Wide Open Road

Wide open road

It was all a gift.

The decades of sitting and reading,

a decade of sweat and pain and occasional drop of blood.

The breath after breath that got you through the dark nights

of the soul.

The madness.

The insanity.

The cries in the night,

the wanting to sleep

to avoid

the day.

All of it is,

has been,

and will continue

to be

a gift.

From the divinely Presence.

And your only “job”


is really opening your heart.

So the bashing can become


And resistance becomes


Little one

you do not really know this yet.

And yet you do.

For God,

comes with every single one,

of his names.

And you can follow any signpost,

on that long windy road

that will ultimately help you

to know thyself.

For he who knows himself,

will knows his Lord

as the bearded one said.

And all that is under the heavens,

and above and under,

the earth.

You are not there yet,

rainbow warrior,

with a gentle heart.

That is,


you decide to allow yourself.

and all parts of yourself.

To come back

from whence you never


It a wide open road little one.

Enjoy the ride!

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