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Working (it) out "better"

Working (it) out "better"

It has always worked out.

hasn't it?

Even when you told the psychiatrist you are throwing away the drugs

packing your bags

and going to Ireland.

And you had no idea

how and if you are going to make it.

But you had faith.

And more importantly:

there was no choice.

And even the call center

And the puffed-up Englishman messing with you

and you telling to fuck off

and getting fired.

And the house without a hearth

and with little heart;

was a perfect place to be.

Because it had a magical garden.

Where you walked the neighbour's land

with respect to All that Is, was and ever shall be.

And prayed in all languages you knew.

That you would make it another day.

And that day,

when you walked up the hill

to the Mary of the Red,

and told her the story,

you have told, a million times already..

And you saw she gets it.

And how it all went uphill from there.

Though it all fell apart


and again

and again.

And then coming back.

Graduating and meeting, what you were sure.,

was the love of your life.

And the magic and Universe that opened.

And all the madness and darkness,

that followed after.

That you are stil

finding your way out.

And yet.


It always worked out.

Even when it didn't.

And there is more madness and liberation,

you could write about,

but that is for another novel.

The point is little one:

It always worked out

when you allowed it.

The only question is really:

Why did you have to make it so hard for yourself?

And you can,

as the Beattles sang: :

Make it


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