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Writing on the Water

The truth is you can't prescribe Life.

None of it, really.

You can pretend and cajole and enforce rules under punishment of death, torture, or even damnation.

And people will still do what people do.

Most of it is neither devious nor dangerous.

And those parts that can be dealt with effectively in a much gentler manner.

You cannot prescribe Life.

Neither be religion nor derision.

You cannot prescribe Life,

neither by science, nor by any philosophy, nor any mind-constructed ideology.

You may try and realize how useless the task was and how it caused more damage than that which you were trying

to avoid.

What you can do is: KNOW THYSELF.

And by knowing thyself, you will know the world world, other people, God, and All the gods, and ultimately.

The magnificence of LIFE itself.

And that is hidden in the song of the hummingbird.

In the moo-ing of the cow on a hot summer's day.

In the reflection of the face of the pond after a summer's shower.

In the eyes of the Other, where you meet yourself.

It is the high Secret Of LIFE itself, which cannot even be described, and surely not prescribed.

Once you accept the reality of the fact that most of Life is ALIVE and that aligning with it is the only way to make anything


Or at least not fail miserably.

Life will show you the way.

And all of your prescriptions and descriptions will be shown for what they are.

but writings on


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