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You are not a Sufi

You are not a sufi

No you are not, little one.

At least not in a way you think you ought to be.

Beards, turbans and chanting, even soooo sacred names, beatuiful as oriental as they may be...

can be a dangerous hypocrisy,

if this is not who you are.

By all means, learn from those wise Masters and see, what secrets they may drop at your lap.

And then respectfully bow and walk back into your life.

And do what is needed, and do what you are called to do and be.

But for the love od God : DO NOT try to be something you are not.

The last honest blasphemer is above a hypocrite, who tries ways too hard to be something they are not.

So call God by any name you like.

But make sure you fulfill the condition of sincerity first,

before even thinking of anything


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