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Lyrical Alchemy

Poetry that makes you come ALIVE!

Magical creations for deep, fun, and smooth transformation 

(c) 2020 Samo Bohak

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Smiling at Danger

On fear, fearlessness, The Lion that Speaks through the Ages, and more "An autumn leaf has a great deal of power over the world of...

Izkušnje mojih klientov

Celično zdravljenje in jedrna preobrazba Predvsem moškim toplo priporočam, da se spravite do Samo Bohak na osebne seanse, da vam uredi,...

About God

It has ALL been about GOD. The entire journey. The madness, the badness, the heights and the lows, the nightmares, daymares, the ecstasy...


"I first met Samo on one of his healing sessions in Maribor and was fascinated by his ability to hold space for the group and to be...

A prayer in prose

A prayer in prose Love your dogs, find your way back to your God, and live in the Truth of who you are All else is details. And no,...

Legal note

Samo is not a medical doctor. Although he works in cooperation with Doctors, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists his services, are ...

The Divine Command

The Divine Command You have to stand up to evil whatever it may take. Even if it comes with swords torches and all you have is a rake....

Days that feel like Ash

"The second everything is known, there is no more potential." Casey Nickerson "Days that feel like an incarnation of WTF can teach us...

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