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10 min FREE Healing for people in financial and other life difficultes

10 min free Healing for people in financial and other life difficultes

I am offering a free, general healing to people who need it most.

You do not need to explain details or anything personal.

Simply join my Facebook group : or write me on email:

I will use an ancient form of prayer invocation (www.gerlyons.neet) and diksha (a blessing from Sai Maa), and my own creation Healingtree ( but I am not tied to any specific religious belief or point of view, nor am I biased towards yours.

Use what works and you hold dear. This will not in any way change or affect that, it will only connect you deeper with your own faith/ religion/creed spirituality.

I do not ask for any specific personal details and all including your name and issue will be held in strictest confidentiality.

There is no requirement apart from the request that you pray/ send good thoughts / do a good deed for someone in equal or greater need than you.

There is nothing you need to do apart from finding a quite place, and be open to the healing. in silence for 10 minutes.

Whenever you feel it is appropriate.

The offering is a sign of respect to my teachers and gratitude for every time I was helped in dire need.

Pass it on!

With love and respect

DISCLAIMER : despite my training in the healing art and basic financial literacy this is NOT to bee taken as medical of financial advice.

For serious illness (physical or mental consult your doctor). For financial advice go to a qualified financial adviser.

Samo Bohak

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