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Poetry for empowerement, inspiration and transcendence

(c) 2020 Samo Bohak

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Branching out (New developments)

Branching Out Ok, I think I got it. The last development : I want to offer the Beauty, Love, joy and power, and potency of the Slovenian...

Razkol in Edinost

Razkol in Edinost Jaz sem partizan in jaz sem tisti ki se boji za svojo vero. In jaz sem moji predniki, v strahu pred tem kaj bo prišlo...

“East” vs “West”

I believe that the big conflict between official western medicine and so called “alternative medicine”, lies not in the question of which...

On me, myself and I (AM)

For my professional bio check my Linked in Profile. My journey has been interesting. If I was to use an euphemism. I have studied...

On being offended

On being offended It is a funny thing, how anyone can be offended by anything nowadays. It is as if everyone is secretly waiting to be...

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