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Lyrical Alchemy

Poetry that makes you come ALIVE!

Magical creations for deep, fun, and smooth transformation 

(c) 2020 Samo Bohak

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Razkol in Edinost

Razkol in Edinost Jaz sem partizan in jaz sem tisti ki se boji za svojo vero. In jaz sem moji predniki, v strahu pred tem kaj bo prišlo...

“East” vs “West”

I believe that the big conflict between official western medicine and so called “alternative medicine”, lies not in the question of which...

On me, myself and I (AM)

For my professional bio check my Linked in Profile. My journey has been interesting. If I was to use an euphemism. I have studied...

On being offended

On being offended It is a funny thing, how anyone can be offended by anything nowadays. It is as if everyone is secretly waiting to be...

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