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On me, myself and I (AM)

For my professional bio check my Linked in Profile.

My journey has been interesting.

If I was to use an euphemism.

I have studied philosophy, translation, social studies and more in my academic career.

But that was before real life began.

I met my teacher Ger Lyons on a cold day in Maribor and my life has never been the same since.

Being a huge skeptic I irreverently told him I think all of this stuff is bullshit, but I I have tried everything else, so what the heck.

He smiled, told me sit down and just relax.

The rest is history ( and an upcoming book)

I spent the last decade of my life exploring, living and practicing various methods, practices and modalities, but I have always kept coming back to the Work that I started with.

My deep desire is to share this path of Mastery, this fountain of wisdom, this highway crossed with a country Irish road to and into the Mystery.

I do not own any of these teachings, nor do I claim to embody them.

I am merely a funny little elf, devoted to being him(s)elf.

I invite on the journey with me.

For my proffesional bio check my Linked in Profile.

For my art, explore this site.

For all the rest : come and see.

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