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Lyrical Alchemy

Poetry that makes you come ALIVE!

Magical creations for deep, fun, and smooth transformation 

(c) 2020 Samo Bohak

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Sensemaking II No, you will not: Figure it out. Life is : Unfiguroutable It's a mystery, Not a problem. Not science, nor philosophy, Has...

The Rising

The Rising Find me a sacred rock, show me all the ways to stop time and turn back the clock. Show me the glen, where the fairies gather....

Razkol in Edinost

Jaz sem partizan in jaz sem tisti ki se boji za svojo vero. In jaz sem moji predniki, v strahu pred tem kaj bo prišlo in kako bomo to...

Joy of service

Joy of service Put yourself in service, in service of yourself if nothing else. In the service of the present moment. In service of...

Down to earth

Down to earth We need the magic and we need to come back to who we are. And we need to come down back to earth and renew the cycles of...

The "Other" Sid(h)e

The “Other” Sid(h)e Where have all the wise crones gone? Long time passing where have all the wise ones gone? Long time ago? Where are...

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