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"A Christ-mass carol

"A Christ-mass carol"

An invocation

O great mystery

May my heart never be hardened


Even and especially in the face of the world as it is that does its best to close down creeks, rivers and oceans of love that could, if one had the courage to allow it

flow through.

May my eyes see, my ears hear and my fingertips feel

the Beauty of existence that is ever-present all around us.

May the connections between the hearts of men light up the eyes, those soul mirrors and may we mirror to each other what we have the possibility

of becoming.

May the Great Silence provide a sanctuary for the battered minds endlessly mocked rocked around by the pounding waves neurotic thoughts in the endless ocean of the illusion we call our own, as a wise Lama once chanted.

And I will speak of Love, even and especially when it is none there to be seen.

And I will speak of peace especially when it seems out of place and she seems lost in between the wars we wage on ourselves and others.

And I will speak of of Joy even and especially when I find it hard to smell the scent of that flower.

And I will speak, especially when my voice breaks and I have no solution to the problems that seem to mushroom around us after the acid rain of rage and destruction, that fall upon us all by the infinite chain of cause and effect by which we perpetuate or suffering and add insult to injury in a time that seems difficult already.

And I will learn to be silent and follow the ways of the ancient ones.

And I will break and cry, letting go the control freaks in my head.

And I will love despite my heart being torn apart by collective doomsday devices and those of my own making.

And I will make my way the way of an Artist even if he has to go

and wage war

or wage peace

or earn a living wage,

or play any of those role appointed to him by the great director.

I will play the games of life, the good, the bad and the ugly

even if only to be admitted to the Master game

and after realizing it was all a play

I might decide to play again.

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