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A deep dive

A deep dive

Let the unicorns show you the Water...

Let the uni-corns take you to fresh waters

and follow the peacock.

As you remember all those times you hit the floor

hurting yourself

because what you felt in -the- side

hurt so much more.

What is "rightfully yours"

will always find you

if you have the courage and gusto

to claim it

and the perseverance

to keep it

until due time

it is time

to let it go

no-thing really belongs to you

and it is only ego games

and machinations

that create the illusion

that something is taken away

from you

and thus clinging give rise to anger

anger gives rise to jealousy

and all the seven


Non-attachment is a fancy concept

but a truly



As for all the curses and cures

The ultimate curse is ignorance

and the ultimate cure is


In it's manifold


it heals all ills.

Apart from problems

Thst are not really problems at all,

and it takes to solve those is

more awareness

clear discernment

and a Blessing

from the Lady od



Chose wisely

own your choices

make peace with "mistakes"

and follow

the white rabbit

to just about anywhere

you need to


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