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A different Christmas Carol

A different Christmas Carol

I have really been thinking and feeling deeply into things lately.

And some wisdom actually came about.

Not grand manic LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT GOD type of wisdom.

But a more gentle, personal one.

I heard the beautiful new Christmas song from Andrea Bocelli

And It almost made me cry.

I saw this beautiful man singing with his father, about angels, love and peace on earth.

And a little beautiful tiny girl next to them.

And there was something so beautiful about passing down the craft of creating Beauty from Father to son and the next generation.

They were singing in a castle in the woods, with angels dancing around…

And it was beautiful.

And I really asked myself what do I hate the elites so much?

Not the psychopath AI run close hearted robots pretending to be humans, those are another issue altogether.

But the good men and women, with traditions of truth, loyalty and Beauty that have been passed on, with great personal sacrifice for the benefit of man-kind.

And there are many answers.

Some of it that was the fact, that the things got messed up, and light stopped flowing and the purpose was lost and mere bling and outer form remained.

Like the leftovers of current monarchies.

But that is simply a apart of the evolution of humanity, and it normal an natural.

As we step into our sovereignty and get ready to take full responsibility for our lives.

And then maybe it is my past lives or aspects, or what have you, where I was a mentally ill nobleman, far less than noble, and I did some horrible things, to those I loved na myself,

And that lives, impression on the souls, and it takes a while to clean that mirror.

But even that is slowly fading.

So I came to the fact, that after my first spiritual awakening (or nervous breakdown whatever you want to call it) I was ostracized from the academic community and shunned and proclaimed mad (which I was to degree, but it still hurts),

And it seems I am still letting go of that grudge, for I needed to walk out into the world and, if nothing else, grow up and become who I truly am.

So I guess thus Christmas season, for me, is about forgiveness.

Forgiving those that hurt me, forgiving myself for hurting them, forgiving myself for hurting myself even more, forgiving the world, and forgive and keep forgiving, as long as it takes, until I come to the point where i realize : there is nothing to forgive and :

That ALL is Truly WELL in ALL of CREATION.

It has been a long journey, and as I feel myself, coming back to myself..

The fires of Truth, Love and Beauty are re-kindled, I become grateful for the mad men and women who walk this Path with me, some I know, some I don't, some I never will.

But I am grateful for all that you are, have been and are going to be in my life.

And whatever happens in 2023, I shall dance in Love and Walk in Beauty, as a wise old Wizard from the Legenderry city of the Kingdom of the North once said to me.

May all of who you are, and what are able to hold, visit you on this Christmas night.

And may the true Spirit of Christ-mass once again envelop this holy, sacred, gentle mother


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