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A more perfect Union- Ode to ireland

It is one thing to imagine Peace in pristine Nature, safe and well-fed, physically and spiritually, as I am now.

And it is completely another to about to make Peace in the middle of war-torn Belfast with no guarantee of success or even survival as Gerry Adams did.

Both are needed, and both are laudable and effective in their own way.

I have lived in Ireland for a while

And I visited Belfast as much as I possibly could.

And I LOVE the city.

I met such amazing souls there, such shining lights that I have met in a few other places.

And have received priceless gifts of Spiritual teachings from both sides of the divide.

Maybe I could see it more clearly because I was not personally involved.

I was an outsider, merely wanting to understand and perhaps use what I could learn to help my own country.

I learned that Music is one of the tools of the great Healer.

I learned that poetry can be the best of philosophy.

I learned that sacrifice has its cost, not only for the person making the sacrifice but for all around him.

And that may be the greatest sacrifice he has to make.

And despite the horrendous and tragic consequences, sometimes it needs to be done.

And I have met brave people who did just that, paid the price, and are still dealing with the aftermath.

The crazy, kind Republican who owned a shop in a small town that I befriended but ultimately ended parting ways.

The older disabled older gentleman who was injured in the troubles barely left the house, and I never really met him closely.

Michael, the very earthly archangel, a living beatbox, that I met only very briefly, for he took his own life soon after that, and I never knew why.

Bless him; he surely with the Heavenly Troops, keeping an eye on us.

The " Countess" was the descendant of the Anglo-Irish, who were more Irish than the Irish, who wanted to rebuild the old country house and put it into service of the community.

The Goddess, who taught me Magic, in a dodgy part of Belfast, and the journey began.

And last but certainly not least, the other Ger, a brother, a friend and a Teacher

That saved my life on so many countless occasions, most of which I probably did not even know about.

I love Ireland, all of the North and the South and East and West, and more that I have not yet visited.

And I pray the very Love, Joy, and Aliveness that the Irsih Embody will lead them to not just sterile Peace, but a Loving, Friendly, Open, and Lovely


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