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About God

It has ALL been about GOD.

The entire journey.

The madness, the badness, the heights and the lows,

the nightmares, daymares, the ecstasy and the pain

and the Magic and the Fairy tale.

All of it, all of the "dead ends" all of the imagined shortcuts

all of the things you still don't talk about

and all the things you can't stop talking about.

It has always been about God.

And even now, when you know this

you will still traverse the Paths of your karma and destiny

choosing perhaps a bit more wisely

the madness you choose to enter

and the submission you choose to allow.

It has all been about


And there is nothing else that could ever be about


So, your whole life is one long sujood

as the wise ones;

who truly knows

what you are yet beginning to realize

know all



Find a thousand ways to kiss the ground

and make each attempt


For HE Is who allows you to bow

and SHE is what allows you

to grow

and the Great Mystersy that contains, supersedes and transcend it all

is beckoning for you

to smile

and allow the bow to happen naturally

without even


It has always been about God

and now you can do anything and everything

as long you never lose awarenes

of what it is all


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