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Allowing II

Allowing II


and then allow some more.

There is not really much else

to "do".

Be as sovereign as you can be,

and as surrendered,

to the gentle Beauty of LIfe,

as humanly possible.

Do not obsess over what God is or could be,

or isn't.

It is waste of time,

you could put to much better use

for service

to that very thing,

you are trying to figure out with your

little cute tiny


Accept all life.

All of what you call "karma"

the ins and outs,

of being human.

Allow ecstasy,

but don't become obsessed

or possessed by it.

Set a goal and follow it,

through thick and thin

and enjoy the outcome.

No matter what


Make sure you do not forget

where you truly came from,

and where you are truly going.

And above all:


and see

how True Love

transforms all things



If you only

allow it.

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