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Ancestral Prayer

Ancestral Prayer

"After the battle

everybody is a general."

A saying

"Nowhere in this whole world did hate ever endeded hate."

Shi Heng Yi

Go and meet ALL of your ancestors.

Of all races, cultures, creeds, religion and no religions.

Whoever they were, however they were.

BY all means, meet them in the LIGHT and invite them TO the LIGHT.

There is noi point drowning in the darkness of collective trauma.

You have come here, to uplift your lineage, not be dragged down by it.

Perhaps connect, with the wisest, the kindest, the strongers and mot "pious" meaning, Connected, ancestors.

LIght a fire.

A candle.

Write a poem.

Say a prayer.

MAybe ask, wait and listend.

What comes from the Great Void.

Learn to sit and REALLY listen.

To the voices from the Great Beyond.

To the prayers of your Grandmother.

To the way your Grandfather put his hands together in prayer.

And all the small gestures, the one who came before us.

And by whatever name you call the Source of ALL things, it matters little.

The Sun Shines on everyone.

Allow it to shine upon


And on ALL of YOU!


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