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Blessing for my enemies.

Bless your enemies.

For they are your greatest teachers.

For how can you really know yourself, if you have never been

in a fight?

As the great philosopher Tyler Druden once remarked...

No for real: Bless your enemies.

For the simple realization, that once the fight is over- and all wars end at one point..

You will have to sit by the table and actually talk.

And the more respect you can give them,

no matter how desperate the battle becomes...

The easier it will be to make peace.

For only the master of War benefit from an unending war.

And Truth cannot be cancelled.

No matter how the so called "Master of the Unvierse" try to convince us.

For as the awakened one has to show us :

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”

Bless the moons, blessed be the Sun and The Truth needs no blessings

since it IS the Blessing

for and in



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