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Crystalsy, Charity and Clarity

Updated: Apr 11

Dear All

I would like to share some exciting news, I felt apprehensive about sharing this, which is exactly the the reason I should be sharing it

I have decided to start offering crystal healings and other services I have been trained in, from the Lineage of King Solomon of the Modern Mystery School.

I have been a part of it for 8 years now. I have not been hiding the fact but at the same time...

I have not been promoting it either.

I have just taken the training in Sacred Geometry 2 this weekend with the amazing Dr. Ann Donnelly.

I love creating temple spaces and bringing the LIGHT into the physical.

Even more than a decade ago, before I came into contact with MMS, I knew deep inside

that one of the main missions in life (besides creating Beauty) is literally bringing Heaven to earth, which practically means, creating spaces that can hold the light for weary travelers, who have forgotten who they are to re-member and KNOW THEMSELVES.

And this is what I intend to do in all ways shapes and forms, one of them being offering crystals healing from the lineage of King Solomon of the modern Mystery school.

Starting as soon as I arrive home, or maybe even sooner

Ask me:)

I have always love crystals and working with them, but this particular way of working with them in temple space that I will create every time I offer a session is pretty special and amazing and feels pure, clean, and for a lack of a better world Godly.

Love from Derry.


Below photo from the Charity run we did in Derry this weekend organized by Ann Donnelly under the auspices of MMS.

TESTIMONIAL: "I received this amazing healing. I felt deep clarity and powerful energy. The crystals are profound. I was buzzing for the day, beautiful blessing and protection for my future.." Highly recommend this session. Emmet Griffin, Ireland

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Samo is not a medical doctor. Although he works in cooperation with Doctors, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists his services, are wellness and spiritually oriented. They are intended for relaxation,


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