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Days that feel like Ash

"The second everything is known, there is no more potential."

Casey Nickerson

"Days that feel like an incarnation of WTF

can teach us about our

capacity for transformation

if we LISTEN!"

M;aribor 4.1.2023

On days like those I go to sacred ash.

And sacred Silence.

And all that is Sacred.

Even though it does not feel quite so vibrant.

I know it is there, I know that just beyond the next peak of the healing mountain

another horizon yearns to be seen,

Climbing makes no sense, but it makes sense for me, said Reinhold Messner., the great Climber of Peaks of Life and Death.

The same goes for anything that is really worth doing.

You do what you do because you do it.

Irrespective of mood, weather, earthquakes, genocides, or global conspiracies- Real or Imagined

You do what you do, for that is why there incarnating in the first place.

And in days when ash seems to hide the sun...

The truth is: Wisdom is being birthed

you are just not seeing it


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