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Dunes of consciousness

Dunes of consciousness

"A Great Man does not seek to lead, he is called to it.

And he answers."


I was watching Dune, and it really made me think.

Sometimes wisdom can be hidden in Beauty.

And whoever wrote/made the Dune movie, knew a thing or two about both.

In a totally, but not completely unrelated thought, I though of the Prophet Muhammad (as)

And I cannot say to speak anything about him, for I am no Sufi, or a believer.

But I was thinking about him a human.

A member of the desert tribe, who probably loved, honoured and respected the desert.

A person with a strong sense of honour, right and wrong, Truth and Beauty and a respect for the Desert.

That took lives as easily as it supported them.

And then how revelation came, and a higher consciousness was smitten unto his heart.

And all the great traits of a warrior of his tribe, were embellished by the Light of One True God.

Or so it was called at the time.

And he spent his life waging war, to ensure peace.

And at that time, this was the only way to bring in new order and more important, new consciousness.

What he did weas truly revolutionary in so many ways.

but more importantly what mattered, was HOW he did it.

HIs grace, compassion and the length he went to show mercy, was unthinkable, even by standards of the time, and is not met,

by many leaders who call themselves "democrats".

He was a leader for his people and his people were all peoples of the earth.

His circle of compassion kept increasing, from tribe, to nation, to humanity, Ummah as they call it.

I find it inspiring, fully aware that his message was skewed and misused as any radically revolutionary message is.

And I must say, I am inspired, not only by his example, but by example of people I have been given the honour to meet,

who claim to follow his example.

The good, honourable, wise men, who embody Truth, Wisdom, Honour and Beauty.

One of them is my teacher.

The other is my teacher's teacher, whom I have only met a few times.

(and there are many others who embody similar consciousness in a different way, but I will write of those at another time)

And he said the last time: We shall meet again if Allah wills it so.

And when times is ripe, it might happen again.

No matter how you call God or if you call him/her/it by no name.

The examples of people who claim to follow Him, are what draws people to the Light, like moths to the flame.

Bless them forever, and may Truth, Honour , Beauty, Love and Compassion envelop us all, no matter what labels we use to label;

The One.

A merry blessed Christmas and all other ways people celebrate this sacred time of the year.


the gentle chronicler of Beauty by the Grace of the Infinite


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