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Expedition 2023

Expedition 2023

Drink coffee from beautiful cups

Smile more.

Even and especially in the face of danger, sadness and defeat.

Love your ancestors, with all of their failings,

for one day, you will become the ancestor of your descendants.

And make sure, you aim to be a “Good ancestor” as the wise Croatian guy pointed out.

Find ways to love, even and especially, when it seems impossible.

Shine in the dark night, but do not curse the darkness, and don’t get addicted to the shine of the light either.

Find balance in a way that works for you.

Make love without guilt, shame, regret, or thinking too much.

Find the pyramid and ignite the inner fire.

And last but not least, fan the flames of your desire for enlightenment and beyond and gather a ragged crew, let say of 7, for your own personal legend.

And then live to tell the late.

Goodspeed young bard, and do not forget to bring forth that which is within you, so that it spirals and trickles down and is brought to all who so desperately seek it.

And most of all : Allow for all this and more to come

to pass.

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