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Fairy crush

Fairy crush

Of course you instantly

fell in love with the fairy...

How could you not?

She played the fiddle,

and she smiled,

And there there was

the ancient stuff.

She had red hair,

and sparkling eyes.

And she was so full of life,

and so cutely,

yet unaware, of her magnificence.

And you always love(d) playing the Hero :)

And it was a magic day,

in a magic town,

and you were home with your tribe.

Despite or perhaps

even because

of all the madness.

That was palpable in the air.

All was there.

Even then.

The constriction,

the manipulation,

the deceit,

the global lockdown,

of our minds

and hearts.

And the pandemic

of terror,

that will be unleashed on us.

Of course you fell in love,

with the fairy

You needed a little light,

and a little madness.

To spark up

your bonfire heart.

Oh little one :

When will you stop blaming yourself

for falling in love in Life?

As often,

and as random,

and as deep

as you possibly can?

Just don't try to own the moment

and let freedom



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