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Fury: on Rage, Love, Beauty, and Everything in between

"Noone too reasonable changes the world." The Furies

You have to be the man that dodges bullets, and if needed, runs at them, when all else fails.

And if there is still a way to save the innocent bystanders, he would risk life and limb

to save them.

You have to be the man

who would never hurt a fly,

but would slice heads, when 7 headee hydra monsters show up to rain hell on the world.

You have to be the one, by the force of Heaven stand in the way between darkness that beckons

and all kinds of threats that would hurt

or even threaten

the Pure Ones.

You have to be that man

and you have to stand by

and stand ready

and stand alert

for things that cannot be stopped and cannot be avoided

must be faced.

And even if you never held or hope to hold a gun

it changes nothing.

Words are spells and spelling a Shielf of Love and Beauty

over the world in turmoil

is not an act of valor, courage, or even some special honour

it is simply a bard's


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