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Glory to Ukraine - A prayer

I have been listening to (a tiny bit) stories of War from a Ukrainian mother and daughter who stayed in the place I was at.

And it touched me.

I did not want to listen at first, it felt heavy, and it was heavy.

It is one thing to debate geopolitics from an aloft intellectual space and pretend to know it all.

It is quite another to listen to stories of real people, with real deaths and real suffering, that is ongoing and shows no sign of stopping.

Was I to speak to them about geo-political games? Was I to educate them on the cosmic scale of the conflict?

So, I listened and said nothing, and in the end, when asked.

I prayed and asked for the madness to stop and for everyone to be blessed and hoped one day, I could visit them in Peace.

And I meant it.

I put all my clever POV aside and asked for what was best and beyond what my little limited mind could conjure.

If we go to that place...

Perhaps, there is a chance of Peace and Victory for ALL.

Slava Ukrajini!

Not in any political smartass Way.

But as my prayer to those wounded souls who are caught in this madness that they did not create.,

This is not a political post.

This is a Prayer.

And I pray one day, we will live in, on an AS

a Prayer.

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