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Glowing Embers and Gentle Light

Glowing Embers and Gentle Light

Do not think that spirituality will save you

from the pain of being human.

Run away, swiftly from Anyone claiming or even aiming to (be able to) do so

Quite the opposite.

You will feel the pain of the world, on a much deeper, and subtler level.

YOu will know the suffering of the world

as you own.

And you will know yourself

in the eyes of all those that would know you.

it has nothing to do with lofty spiritual concep(ions)

or even magick tricks some men of little knowledge and less heart

will try to sell you.

Your life will not become easier.

Nor will your bank account necessarily grow.

That might or might not happen, but then you might also lose it all.


and without


You will grow and the more you expand the more you will glow.

And the glow will not be a shiny glamour glitter.

It will be

a glowing ember in the Fireplace of Presence.

And people will gather to be warmed by that fire.

As, step by step, glimpse by glimpse, moment by moment

what is left of you

is immolated

in the fire of Truth.

And it is the heat of that fire and light of those flames

that will truly

set you


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