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Heartbreak and Heartfulness

"We don't have any choice about having our heart broken, there is no sincere path a human being can take without that happening." So it is better to just go with the program, and stop trying to find a path where you won't have your heart broken."

David Whyte

In the end, you will learn to live with heartbreak, and an imperfect world, in which people go to war, for reasons they do not understand, and then can't find good enough reasons to stop fighting them.

And by the time they do, it has gone on for too long to really be able to stop it quickly.

And it is /can be the same in personal intimate relationships.

It can be even bloddier, just on the inside.

And all it takes for one person to be the buckstopper.

To say, even though this is ripping my heart to pieces, and I feel the pain, and is killing me.

I am going to do what is right.

people also call it maturity.

Compassion and Empathy.

Capability to Love even and especially in the force of overwhelming odds.

We usually think about this in terms of great heroic deeds, and those are surely necessary, but the real thing that keeps the scale of light and dark in the balance are small acts of average men and women who CHOOSE to be better than they thought they could be.

Who does what is needed and what is right and natural, or refrains from doing what they are sure they have every right to?

Change happens in these small moments, when people allow their souls to grow, for no particular reason, nor could they explain why.

And this is probably the only true pure motivation.

Any other reason would merely be a machination of the Ego.

I do believe people are capable of such actions, not only exceptionally, but daily.

I am actually certain it is more of a norm than an exception.

For if that was not the case, we would not be here anymore, and the human race and all of Earth would have vanished by now.

Some people say it is God, or angels or The Galactics that save the day, and maybe to some extent, that may be the case,

but the Truth is that free will is almost absolute, and is the choices of people who do not even believe they are good at all, that allow for any kind of intervention to even take place.

It is good to pray and be open for miracles, but the greatest miracle of all starts in the human heart.

And that is the place we can start looking for solutions.

I love you all amazing strangers and I believe, we will get through this, with a lot of patience, compassion, wisdom and


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