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And sometimes think do not "work" as you intended them to.

And that is a good thing.

You jsut don't know it yet.

For the world was born to be free in,

and some shackles needs to be dropped from your heart.

THe God of Beauty is dancing in your, jsut birthing heart of hearts and the gentle growing flowers of poetree,

are about to sprout.

There is a space and time for everything

and as the Prophet knew, there is an e-motion for every season.

By all means, do what is needed,

but first, hold your heart,

for if your heart is not held propery.

nothing you say or do

will be of any value

and all the treasures of heaven and earth will prove

worth less and ultimately


lest you listen, listen, listen

to your own



And little one:

stop spiritualizing the very real, visceral, human thing we call Life.

It serves nothing!

LIfe is Life,

this is all the Truth, all the WIsdom and ALL The Teaching.

Yeshua was men among men first

All else came later.

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