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Knowing Thyself

Knowing Thyself

And then one day,

you will realize

You CAN’T be normal,

AND even if you could,

Would you rally wan to?

Putting yourself in boxes,

cutting of farms and legs,

adapting to the madness,

people still call normality.

And enforce it with a zeal

Of a religious fanatic.

Is just not your cup of tea.

Little one,

Why the fuck would you care?

What other people think

of you?

And what you ought to be?

It is none your business,

what they think.

As it is none of theirs,

what you decide, choose

and enact yoursefl to be.

You are free

And you are FREEDOM!

And as you let go

of shame,


and control…

You are well on your way

to becoming



and infinitely expanding magnificent being

That you truly


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