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Learning to love

Learning to love

You will learn to love

each and every part

of your Self.

The good, the bad and the "ugly".

Simply because, if you don't all of them will threathen to overtake you,

anytime you, for a split second, loose yourself or loose focus.

And this is not a way to live,

By all means, stay focused, on track, following the sun, finding your treasure. or whatnot.

But learn to take respite in your imperfection and let delusions of perfections, to those ascetics;

who still need that,

to come into contact

with the Divine, that is everpresent.

In every smile in ever little death, in the taster of fruit, a sound of thunder, the touch of desire, the silent sound,

of one heart


In the end it is all parts, or none.

We cannot afford leave no part behind,

for how can Sun, separate itself from one of it's

rays ?

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