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Lineage of Light

Lineage of Light

"What is the legacy you want to leave to your lineage?"

Sai Maa

Some day you fight Frost Giants.

And some days you fight shades of gloom.

And some days you fight yourself, sacrificing yourself to yourself.

And watching what will come out of that transformation.

Some days you dive deep under the blue Sea

and some days you dig dip, and deeper into the caverns of the unconscious mind.

And some days, or nights you stay there.

And nightmares and daymares haunt you.

And as the world proceeds through it's foretold Ragnarok,

the God, the Elves, the Giants, and the dwarves,

all play their role.

And somewhere underneath it all.

A new life is being birthed.

For as the fabled black magicians try one last time, to re-start the burning hate, hidden in the hearts of men.

The Sun simply shines.

Giving all of us a choice.

To listen to the wisdom that the ravens bring to the Wanderer.

True wisdom does not come cheap.

And yet, it is shared for free.

To all with eyes to hear and ears to see.

For Magic is borne out of compassion for our fellow men.

And the Cosmic child shall be born


We shall stand your ground mighty ones!

Even if we need to build it as we go


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