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We come from a long line

of warriors,


and madmen.

No man in his "right" mind

would go and do what they did.

And yet every manm

who has the right to call himself

a man

did so.

Without a whisper,

but with a silent scream

of defiance.

Come healing,

Healing of the body,

come healing of the mind.

As the Heavenly sister sang.

Bless you the Great Cohen,

for showing us

The Beauty

and the Grace

hiding in the Tower



Power if most safely held in the arms of the Poet,

As a Mystic said Once.

And you held it well.

Help me do the same.


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Samo is not a medical doctor. Although he works in cooperation with Doctors, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists his services, are wellness and spiritually oriented. They are intended for relaxation,


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