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Little and big fears

Little and big fears

"Face your fears Dr. Strange."

Christine to Dr Strange In Multiverse of madness

We are all magicians,

we are the holders, the cup and the content of compassion.

And we ARE the Grail.

The whole journey, the quest and all the jazz that goes with it,

are mostly props.

Simply because, a part of us enjos adventure, and fighting the good fight, and all the enemies we must conquer, so we don't get bored

on the Path.

Enlightenment is the Path of the everyday mind.

As She said, a long time ago.

And Women usually know.

Simply because SHE knows.

And it is ok to be afraid.

But is not ok to stay frightened.

You must first become Shiva, before you can worship Shiva properly,

said a tantric master once.

And shiva is just winking.

As is Odin.

As are al lthe Gods and all the Prophets,

letting you know:

It is all jsut a play, like the Shaker of the Spear knew,

A joyous, at times thrilling and scary adventure

into your


And it happens every day, again and again and again and again.

And when you truly learn to embrace and enjoy ALL OF IT

you get to have some

fun :)

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