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Lost and found

Lost and found

»Please do not feed the trauma.«

Note in my future Zen garden

You might loose it all.

If you walk this path.

You will ,eventually loose it all.

All your ideas of right and wrong.

All you pre-conceived notions of should and ought to's

All the ideas about God and Life and reality.

None of that is really real.

No matter how lofty, or deep, or even real they might seem.

They aren't.

You will loose it all.

Because you need to.

You and me and we, need to lose all that is not you, or me or us.

The only choice is, whether you want to be dramatic and heart wrenching.

or not.

You can dance to your Realization or you can be dragged kicking and screaming.

And once you have "achieved it", (another delusion, you cannot achieve anything)

The birds will sing and elephants will make funy sounds

and you

will once again be


Happy hunting! :)

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