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Magic of the Heart

All of the magic, and all of the knowledge and all of so-called "wisdom" are largely useless,

if they do not, even for an inch, gently open the heart.

All philosophies and even all science, can (and has laltely) be(come) a form of dark magic, turning people into slaves and slaves into the dirt.

All the money, and the golden calf, and all abundance-creating techniques and ego aggrandizement, are but devilish schemes, if they don't lessen the suffering in the grand scheme of things.

And even all talk of Mastery, is but trickery and vanity, if not fully immersed in the Spirit of Service, Love, and Beauty.

If our words do not speak of stars and our deeds do not help the lowest of the love, what good is all our "merit" and achievements?

It is better to bake bread and feed the hungry than lose oneself in the selfish, foolish quest for self-agrandizement, we call a "spiritual path".

I am not prescribing a path to anyone.

Allmighty has written a letter to each and every one of us.

And who am I to judge?

And yet, if one is honest, we all the feeling of going astray

and the feeling of coming


Come home wandering ones.

And not much speaking will be


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