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Master(y) of Love

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

"It is time to go beyond religions"


It's love.

It is all for Love.

Why else would we do anything?

The smile of a dog is worth a thousand caskets of gold.

A smile of a princess, is priceless.

You hold your anger in check,

for Love.

You do what is needed

for Love.

You travel, to and fro, to many lands and back


for Love.

For as the Master of Love came to teach us:

The is but one Law

and it is Love.

It is never something, that can be won once and for all.

It must be fought for, in the theatre of the heart, at all costs.

And yet in the end...

it is like reaching a peak of a hill...

You stand, you observe the view,

you rest for a while...

And then go forth and climb another hill.

for Love.

"Love and do what thy will", said a saint once.

I think he said it, from Love, to Love and for Love.

Despite his many, many, many


LIke all of us and all of me, are full of.

He was merely human.

But a human heart was given the capacity to love,

and a Man's joyful duty...

is to follow Love's spell

Which is always

just behind the


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