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Moving (the) energy

You have to do

what you best.

And what I do best:

Is to MOVE Energy.

And when you totally and completely give your life and all of its an aspect to God and The Great Mystery.

You are liable to be sent anywhere to do anything, really.

And by giving up your "freedom," you actually begin the long Path

to the true essence of Freedom.

Like an electron encircling the core of the atom.

Like the Planets encircling the Sun.

Like the Gaze of true Believers turn to the One.

And even if you are full of ego and full of arrogance and ignorance, as I surely often am,

it does not matter

All you have to do is aim your arrow in the direction where the Divine Architect has imagined it to flow.

And you are NOT separate from what you call "God," and you are not really connecting to what you call "Source."

All these are pretty words, metaphors, child painting books, sketches

of the True Reality, hiding behind the Potemkin's Village of your "self."

The true Self is hiding behind, between, and beyond all the ideas of right, wrong, or any doing or not doing really.

It is a tour de force of your exploration, your little creation, your little universe.

That you came here

to build.

As a Wise poet said once: Do not make a second step or the next; start with the ground you know...

Which is the same as the ancient calling echoing through eternity: KNOW THYSELF.

That would be a good place.

to start.

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