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New Healingtree fb page

Dear All, this is my new page dedicated to my new Book of poetry, which is actualy a book of prayer,spells, magic and mystery. (please like ,subscribe, share). It grew from the work we do, and especially from the Norse, Celtic and other various traditions that are woven into it.

My good friend Ger Lyons was kind enoug to write a short introduction. It is available in this form for the people of Maribor and for a symbolic price of 10 euros. You can get it in Maribor, sent as pdf (please dont share it around), or sent to you if you can pay for postage.

I am working on organizing distribution in a more efficient way. In it is a link to my youtube channel where I read out the poems for you. Pretty healing i would say

If you want you can also support me on Patreon, or one time donation. May it be(come) a blessing for all of you and we all grow fruits of love, faithm abundance, joy, truth and POWER.

MY big thanx to all who contributed in the making and creation of it. You know yourselves. HVALA, THANK YOU!!!

Also for every 100 books sold I will plant a tree somwhere in the world. with blessings

elf Samo

aka "Hollywood"

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