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Not starting a war

Not starting a war

Imagine carrying a warzone inside your head,

and the wounded,

the sick,

and the scared.

Have not even been noticed

let alone


or tended to.

And they don't really want to be

simply they are still shivering,

from the fear

of where the next bomb is coming from.

Brave men

heartfelt soldiers.


but broken.

I carry them inside.

so do you.

in some way shape or from.

Collective history

of human misery,

is a vast field

yet to be ploughed.

By someone brave enough.

not to be scared.

at skulls and bayonets he might hit on on.

while ploughing .

I pray that violet light

illuminates the violence

and the fright,

of all bombs,

that never went of,

but people are still shivering;


for them to blow.

Keeping them inside,

just so,

that nobody gets


It is a warzone,

we carry inside our very bones.

And I pray that those bones,

are carved into hollow bones,

and that all the fearful ones,

are given peace,

by prophets of their own faiths.

Or beloved ones,,

they left at home,

and never cam back to.

May all that is seeking peace :

find peace.

May all that needs healing :

get healing

And may I

with all my creeks and crevices :

be filled with the Water of Life.

The Mystery is waiting.

And not only She has enough time,

she knows there is no time,

and therefore gives,



to all who ask for it.

May we all the patients, find patience.

So we don't have to

start another


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