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Ode to MarIBor

Ode to MarIBor

I will always Love my hometown,

even though I can't really live int it,

for more than few months a year.

Thought that could change

as I get older,

and wanderlust settles.

Though not likely :)

I love the little orange roofs,

that remind me of the magic times.

When alchemists,


and magicians,

were still roaming ,

the hidden streets

of my home town.

I love the little streets

of “middle Europe”,

the elegance


of Austro-hungarian remnants

of the the old days.

I love it for it was,

and for what,

it has yet

to become.

It has never died,

it is merely,

in a long slumber,

A hiatus,

a pause,

between the in

and the out-breath.

I love you

Mar I Bor.

Maybe you can stop fighting,

with everything

and everyone.

Like a teenager,

seeking rights,

instead of stepping into :

the humble,



of who you



And to be honest,

my dear Maribor.

I have met so many masters.


and sages.

on your streets.

That not getting my shit together,

would be an insult to their kindness,

and and ac of treachery

to my own true SELF.

So let's arise together Dear ONE


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